Committed to Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance

HAIs are Preventable

Hyginex is a field-proven, electronic hand hygiene compliance solution that is dedicated to the reduction of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). The easy-to-use and implement system is useful in a number of healthcare settings to help administrators maintain high hand hygiene standards.

HAIs are Personal

HAIs lead to nearly 100,000 deaths every year and can cost hospitals more than $30B annually. The WHO and CDC cite proper hand hygiene compliance as the best way to reduce rates of hospital acquired infections.

The Hyginex team’s personal experiences with loved ones suffering from HAIs, fuel our passion to be the best electronic hand hygiene monitoring solution.

How the Hyginex Solution Can Help

Say goodbye to manual audits with Hyginex’s accurate and effective monitoring technology. Individual staff members wear the unique Hyginex wristband to help remind them when a wash or sanitation event is required. Special over-bed sensors help designate patient zones and soap and alcohol dispenser sensors interact with the wristbands to monitor quality and duration of hand hygiene events. The wristbands collect all data and upload automatically to a server where managers and staff members can generate reports and track progress.

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