Hyginex wristband

Introducing Hyginex Generation 3

Strengthen hand hygiene culture today
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Hyginex wristband

Improving hand hygiene. Transforming Behavior. Saving lives.

Wearable technology provides real-time reminders to improve hand hygiene habits at the point of care. Accurate data helps strengthen hand hygiene culture.
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Hyginex is the only system that solves the complete hand hygiene problem in healthcare facilities

Hand Hygiene Compliance

Hyginex wristbands capture data on an individual level for all hand hygiene events. Reliable data drives accountability and behavioral change.

Hand Wash Quality

Duration of hand cleaning is just as important as compliance. Because of Hyginex’s patented wristband technology, the system captures data on hand cleaning duration. Studies show that as hand hygiene duration increases, bacteria count on hands decreases.


Hyginex wristbands vibrate to remind staff when they forget to clean their hands before and after patient contact. The wristbands also vibrate again when hand hygiene has been performed for the appropriate length of time.

Hyginex Wristband

Captures data on individual hand hygiene compliance and quality. Vibrates to reinforce hand hygiene best practices.

Hyginex Beacons

Bluetooth® 4.0 enabled beacons define patient rooms and communicate with the Hyginex Wristbands.

Hyginex Sensors

Battery operated Bluetooth® 4.0 enabled sensors easily attach to any soap and/or alcohol dispenser and communicate with the wristband when a hand hygiene event begins.

Hyginex Gateway

The Hyginex gateway collects data from the wristbands and automatically uploads to the server to generate reports.

Proven Results

Hand Hygiene Events Observed

  • Direct Observation 3%
  • Hyginex System 100%

Average Hand Cleaning Duration


With Hyginex


Without Hyginex